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Natasha Halina Reyes Díaz Esq.

Natasha Halina Reyes Díaz holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus where she graduated in 2003. In 2009, she obtained her J.D. from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law and co- founded the University of Puerto Rico School of Law cooperative bookstore, Derecoop and since then is a member of the Board of Directors of the cooperative. She is admitted to practice law in Puerto Rico since 2010.

While she was still studying for her B.A. she worked as a Counselor after the impact of Hurricane Georges in Puerto Rico on 1998, under psychological care program of FEMA and the Mental Health and Addiction Services Administration, where she also worked as a Controlled Substances Inspector. In 2010, Mrs. Reyes started her private legal practice gaining experience in administrative, civil, family, corporative and criminal cases before joining Castellanos & Castellanos Law Firm’s legal team as an Of Counsel.

Mrs. Natasha Halina Reyes Díaz is also Civil Law Notary in Puerto Rico and a Certified Mediator by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico.

Natasha Reyes Esq.