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Mr. Casteallnoas interview in “A Calzón Quitao” with Ruben Sanchez opens with the reflection on the phrase “be consistent” and the influence of Malcom X’s teachings on Mr. Castellanos (Mr. Castellanos had previously given the host of the show, Mr. Ruben Sánchez, the movie Malcolm X). Ruben then asks Mr. Castellanos about what inspires him, to which he responds:

“the people of Puerto Rico inspire me; the people of Puerto Rico keep fighting and struggling for a better island, I want to help, and Puerto Rico inspires me to fight for what is to come – I’m going to be the last Resident Commissioner representing Puerto Rico in the House of Representatives” – “I would not even consider running for candidacy if I could not achieve the goals I have established for myself in Washington D.C. – the status problem needs attention before everything else. We need to start projecting ourselves as successful and pursue a non-conventional agenda – without alliance with any political party – I will represent the people of Puerto Rico with this single, clear objective in mind”.

Attorney Castellanos talks about the current governor’s 27 federal charges on alleged corruption, and the seriousness of the issue in Puerto Rico:

“the grand jury is representation of the people of Puerto Rico – could result in a constitutional crisis – we have never faced a crisis like this in Puerto Rico – I think every agency and every branch has its function but the government has to be under surveillance by the people”.