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Colegio de Abogados

high-profile-cases-colegio-abogadosAlfredo Castellanos Esq. argued that the compulsory licensing law for lawyers in Puerto Rico is unconstitutional. He refused to pay his local Bar’s Association  annual fee; and risked disbarment from The Supreme Court as a result of his fight against injustice within the local Bar’s Association, Filiberto Ojeda Rios, by honoring him with a funeral on their headquarters.

Alfredo Castellanos Esq. was the first to denounce and take legal action against ” aiding and supporting a domestic terrorist organization, an unlawful enemy combatant under the Constitution of the United States”.

Alfredo Castellanos Esq. legal action had a historical significance and  was the first step in the long legal and legislative process that lead to ending 200 years compulsory association.

Press Clippings

Ponencia colegiacion compulsoria, SENADO DE PUERTO RICO (PDF)
Ponencia colegiacion (presentada por Colegio Abogados PR en camara rep) (PDF)