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Alfredo Castellanos Esq. talks about the speech that former Governor Fortuño had given to present Mitt Romney in Florida.  Former governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuño,spoke about Mitt Romney’s invitation, to utilize Puerto Rico’s economic rise as an example of how it might work on a national level; addressing the status of Puerto Rico, and the questions that arise because of the misinformation and lack of a defined status. Ricky Russell, current Governor-elect of Puerto Rico, explained how we may participate in the political process in the Continental United States, “in Puerto Rico there are less Puerto Ricans than in the United States, something magnificent, Puerto Ricans will have an effect on the elections”; “a new space that was not present in the past”.

Alfredo Castellanos Esq. addressed the governor’s interview and his particular compromises on , “Medicaid, Medicare, ObamaCare: they are important issues, then and now that impact millions of people, it was also discussed that in the next elections, Puerto Rico will not have a voice. Ricky Rosselló mentions that both parties compromised  Puerto Rico and the favored status of statehood, and stated that “if the plebiscite’s results are clear then another plebiscite will be proposed”.