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Alfredo Castellanos Bayouth Esq. certified by Chief Judge Aida Delgado and the Judge’s Committee of the Federal District Court for the District of Puerto Rico as Court Mediator/Arbitrator.

In addition to my recent Court and TCA appointment as Constitutional advisor to the Court in PR’s Police Reform, I have just been honored with being appointed and certified as a Federal Mediator/Arbitrator By Chief Judge Aida Delgado, Judge Daniel Dominguez and Magistrate Judge Bruce McGiverin. A specific profile of the legal areas that I may be handling will be promptly posted by the District Court in their Official Register for the benefit of the parties and the Court.

Attorney Castellanos is directly in charge of supervising all consulting work done by Castellanos Group, P.S.C., including but not limited to, client development and client communication, among other areas of the law, including all new investment tax exempt laws (Act 20 and 22, EB5, etc,) in Puerto Rico, US. My diverse professional experience has entailed extensive work in the following areas of law: consultation, litigation, corporate law, arbitration and mediation, constitutional law, licensing agreements, entertainment law, real estate and construction law, franchise, intellectual property, construction, health care, copyright, trademark, distribution agreements, estate planning, asset protection, estates, construction agreements, patent related work, bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, numerous adversary proceedings and contested matters, including jury trial rights in bankruptcy proceedings, security law and regulations and FINRA arbitration, administrative proceedings, among other fields of law.

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