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Law Firm introduces the Affordable Legal Services Fee Structure with lowers hourly rates without sacrificing quality – to better serve businesses affected by economic recession.

Puerto Rico, November 1, 2013 — As of November 1, 2013 the legal practice of Castellanos Group Law Firm will be offering affordable sliding scale legal services. This Fee Structure was specifically designed to assist both, small & medium businesses, as well as multinational corporate clients to protect their companies and protect their future. Businesses need to have the best counsel on their side at all times, especially in today’s complicated and highly regulated labor market. And the business owners need an Experienced Law Firm that can scale down their fees to help them in this difficult economic environment.

The concept was introduced in the Firm by Attorney at Law, Philanthropist and Scholar Mr. Alfredo Castellanos. This highly accomplished attorney is a Member of the District Examination Committee and Life Fellow of the Federal Bar Association. Mr. Castellanos has also received numerous external recognitions through earned awards from the Puerto Rico Government, the Federal Courts, local courts and various associations.

The new fee structure leverages the extensive experience in corporate and labor law of Castellanos Group Law Firm. This allows them to provide the most cost effective legal services focusing on labor and corporate law, but also including all core legal practice areas of the firm, like litigation, white collar, estate planning, Internet & IT and Franchise law.

“Our goal is to continue provision of top quality  Legal services as we always have to our Clients… The goal has never changed in the 25 years of my practice“ said Alfredo Castellanos “the new addition to our mission was to create a more cost effective and efficient service to assist companies and individuals affected by the economic recession”.

For many law firms offering similar rate advantages, the cut in rates is achieved through cuts in quality, like using inexperienced lawyers or law students interns to service the clients. This, however, is not the case at Castellanos Group. The reduction in rates with the new Fee Structure is accomplished through maximizing the cost effectiveness of the legal services. Thus the Clients can rest assured that their matters will be services by highly experienced attorneys working in the most efficient way.

Castellanos Group Law Firm team is committed to offering the most cost effective services in mainland US, Puerto Rico and in key growing markets in the world. Success of Alfredo Castellanos’ legal practice throughout the years has been contributed to his global reach, community awareness and his strategic approach to highest quality and efficiency of legal services. This is the driving force backing the new Affordable Fee Structure and what sets it apart and ahead of competitors.

In today’s business world it is not only necessary, but essential that all companies have access to top-notch experienced legal counsel. The newly introduced Affordable Fee Structure at Castellanos Group Law Firm with their lower rates and extensive experience, makes such services not only the most cost-effective, but also affordable.

To learn more about special rates contact Castellanos Group Law Firm at (787) 641-8447 or at [email protected], to schedule a review of your legal matters, so we can offer a rate that you can afford today.

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