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The Castellanos & Gierbolini Law Firm recently announced the addition of Tania Vázquez Rivera Esq. to the firm’s San Juan team.

Her invaluable experience with complex legal matters and large scale projects exceeding a billion dollars in budgets makes her a perfect addition to Castellanos & Gierbolini team. Ms. Vázquez Rivera has provided legal counsel to multinational corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations with focus in the practice of construction law, environmental law, administrative, tax and international commerce law, corporate law and collections.

Before joining Castellanos & Gierbolini Law Firm Vázquez held a position of a Deputy Executive Director, a second-ranking official at PUERTO RICO INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCING AUTHORITY. She served as chief of staff, and acted as an Executive Director. She supported the Executive Director in the development, implementation and delivery of the Corporation’s internal and public policies, provided strategic management and operational leadership to the Senior Staff in order to complete the objective of PRIFA’s $1.7 billion Construction Program. As a Director of the Legal Department at PRIFA she was a lead counsel and senior attorney for the Executive Director. Provided legal counsel and legal support to the senior staff of the Agency in all legal matters and supervised the Legal Department.

She also held a position of the Undersecretary, a second-ranking official of PUERTO RICO DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES, where she served as the Secretary’s principal deputy, chief assistant, and Acting Secretary. During that time she developed and implemented the Department’s internal and public policies, supervised the Agency’s senior staff, managed the organization, logistics, functions and work of 1,500 employees. As a Director of the Legal Affairs Office at the DNER, she managed all legal matters of the Agency, including judicial controversies, administrative procedures, permits, endorsements and supervised the Legal Affairs Office.

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